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Dublin City Center Ireland - O'Connell Street Bridge.
A panoramic skyline image of River Liffey Dublin & O'Connell Street Bridge bustling with traffic. The bridge links O' Connell Street to Westmoreland Street, D'Olier Street & Dublin's south quays. The Ha'penny bridge is the next bridge upriver, built in 1816 it is the city's oldest pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey. The high-rise building to the left is the Irish Central bank & in the distant background the Dublin mountains.
Dublin skyline & O'Connell Street Bridge
Dublin skyline & O'Connell Bridge.
View of the River Liffey towards Dublin Port & Matt Talbot Bridge, August 2004. Victoria Quay & Burgh Quay are on the south side of the river (right). The Customs House & IFSC - Irish Financial Services Center buildings are to the left of the picture, on the North side of Liffey river.
Panorama skyline image Irish Financial Services Center, view towards Dublin port
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Dublin city centre skyline photo 2006 by Irish Air Corps
O'Connell Bridge, D'Olier St. & Westmoreland Street, City centre aerial photo courtesy Irish Air Corps 2016.
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Dublin skyline

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