Jim Larkin statue, O'Connell street Dublin

The memorial statue to Irish labor leader & trade union organiser, Big Jim Larkin (1876 - 1947), on O'Connell Street Dublin city center, with the G.P.O. visible on the left.
Born on January 21st 1876, Larkin founded Ireland's first National trade union, the Irish Transport & General Workers Union in 1909. It's known today as SIPTU - The Services Industrial Professional & Technical Union. In partnership with James Connolly, Larkin co-founded the Irish Labor party in 1912.

Jim Larkin, Irish Labor leader statue, O'Connell Street Dublin
Jim Larkin statue photo © irelandposters.

On the front of the monument there's an inscription which is an extract from one of Larkin's speeches -
"The great appear great because we are on our knees - Let us rise."

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