Mount Argus Church, Kimmage Road, Dublin.

Images of Mount Argus, Church of Saint Paul of the Cross located on Kimmage road in South Dublin. Built on the site where The Passionate Order originally founded their Irish mission in 1856, a priory adjoins the Romanesque style church designed by J. J. McCarthy.
Entrance archway Angel, Mount Argus church Lion carving on Mount Argus church archway Eagle carving at entrance to Mount Argus romanesque church, Kimmage Dublin
Mount Argus Church, Romanesque style building, Kimmage Road, Dublin Ireland
Mount Argus Church.
Mount Argus church entrance driveway & archways on Kimmage Road
Traditionally the church of the Irish police force, the Mount Argus entrance gates onto the main Kimmage Road were a gift from the DMP (Dublin Metropolitan Police) in 1909.
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