Old Dublin 1930's city street scenes

Early 20th century Ireland photographs of O'Connell Street Bridge, 1930's Dublin city center street scene. Electric trams, cyclists & pedestrians on O'Connell Street Bridge & a Guinness Barge on the River Liffey, making its way upriver to the nearby Guinness Brewery.
1930's Dublin street scene, O'Connell Street Bridge & Eden Quay

The Guinness barges ferried beer barrels from the James Street brewery to Victoria Quay where the Guinness ships docked. Up until the late 1950's the barges were used extensively on Ireland's waterways to transport kegs of Guinness. Their funnels were hinged, enabling them to be lowered when travelling under the Liffey's bridges at high tides.

Old Dublin street scene, 1930's O'Connell Bridge traffic
Old Dublin Ireland photograph c1934, O'Connell Street & Eden Quay viewed from Aston Quay on the South side of the River Liffey, with tram & traffic on O'Connell Street bridge. The stationary horse & trap at the lower left of the image is a hackney driver waiting for a fare and a taxi rank still exists at the same location. Looking down O'Connell Street, the twin veranda shutters of Clerys department store are visible to the right of   Nelsons Pillar.
Video clip c1958 of Guinness Barge Castleknock on River Liffey Dublin Ireland.
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Central Dublin 1930's College Green, & Bank of Ireland building (Grattan's Parliament).

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1930's Dublin street scene postcard, O'Connell Bridge
Dublin 1930's
Old Dublin street scene, O'Connell Bridge & Eden Quay with barge on River Liffey.