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The Irish Parliament building Leinster House was designed by Richard Cassells & built in 1745 as a town house residence for James Fitzgerald - the Earl of Kildare. Since 1922 it has been the seat of the Irish parliament - the Oireachtas, which is comprised of Dáil Éireann the House of elected representatives & the Irish Senate (an Seanad). There are 2 main entrances, on Kildare street & Merrion Square, pictured below.
Ireland government buildings, Leinster House Dublin, Dept. of an Taoisach
The Dept. of An Taoiseach at Leinster House. Irish Government buildings Merrion Square Dublin.

Leinster House, Dáil Éireann - Kildare Street entrance Leinster House Dublin, 1792 James Malton print
Kildare Street entrance to Leinster House.

The American White House - the President's Park in Washington - was designed by Irish born architect James Hoban based on the design of Leinster House. The building incorporates many classical Georgian architecture features of that period.  The cornerstone of the Washington White House was laid in October 1792, the building was damaged when set alight by the British army in 1814 during the war which began in 1812, it was subsequently painted white when repaired & restored.

Leinster House Lawn photo, June 2008
Leinster House lawn, on Open-day June 29 2008.
Leinster House Dublin Ireland, Merrion Square entrance
Leinster House Dublin Ireland, Merrion Square entrance.

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Irish Government building, Upr Merrion Street, Dublin postcard
Merrion Street

Irish Government building, Dublin postcard.

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