Dublin 1916 photos, Michael Collins movie set

Historic 1916 Dublin city center photos in the aftermath of Easter Uprising.
Dublin GPO 1916 Easter Rising & Metropole Hotel ruins

The burnt out interior & shell of Dublin GPO - General Post Office on Sackville Street [now O'Connell Street].  Ruins of Metropole Hotel after the 1916 Easter uprising,  Nelson's Pillar is visible to the right.

Sackville Street view from Abbey Street, GPO & Nelson's Pillar
Many city centre buildings were destroyed by shelling from British gunboat "Helga" on the River Liffey & field guns at Trinity College.

Central Dublin streets after 1916 uprising with damaged & destroyed buildings.
1916 Dublin photos slideshow.
Freemans Journal building in ruins on Sackville St.
Freemans Journal, Evening Telegraph building & 1916 Dublin street barricade
The remains of The Freemans Journal & Evening Telegraph newspaper building & street barricade, central Dublin 1916 photo.

Dublin Bread Company building shell after 1916 uprising
Dublin Bread Company building after fire & shelling during 1916 uprising.

Photographs of the Dublin location set constructed for Michael Collins movie. Below images are Sackville Street building fronts, with the General Post Office building showing damage sustained during 1916 Irish Easter Rising. During hostilities the building came under British artillery & gunboat fire after the insurgents took it over as a Headquarters.
Replica GPO building, Michael Collins movie set photo
Replica 1916 GPO building on Michael Collins movie set.
Michael Collins movie film extras & replica building fronts on movie set
Michael Collins movie set, film extras & replica building fronts.
Michael Collins 1995 movie extras poster
September 1995 Michael Collins movie poster advertising for film extras ahead of 1920 Croke Park massacre - "Bloody Sunday" re-enactment in Bray.
  Michael Collins movie set photos by Miles Keogh, © irelandposters

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1916 Irish Proclamation poster
1916 Irish Proclamation
Irish Republic 1916 Proclamation wall poster.