Kilkenny Castle Ireland, vintage aerial photo

Located on the River Nore, Kilkenny castle was originally built in the early years of the 13th century for William Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke.
The medieval castle was sold in 1391 to the 3rd Earl of Ormonde, James Butler & it remained in the Butler family for several generations.
During the 18th centry the building became run-down & sustained further damage during the Irish civil war in 1922.
In 1967 the 24th Earl of Ormonde - Arthur Butler, sold the abandoned castle to the local restoration committee for fifty pounds, the restored castle & extensive grounds are now managed by the OPW - Irish Office of Public Works.
Kilkenny castle Ireland & surrounding grounds
Kilkenny castle, Ireland 1960's aerial photograph by Brendan Doyle, © Irelandposters.
Vintage Ireland, Kilkenny castle 19th century postcard
Kilkenny Castle
Late 19th century.
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Kilkenny castle, Ireland poster
Kilkenny castle
1960's Aerial view.