Downtown Dublin photos, Irish street scenes

Dublin suburbs street photo
One of the citys suburban hoarders with a new acquisition.
Grafton Street musician, Dublin city photograph
A Musician entertains the passers-by on Grafton Street in Downtown Dublin city.

Dublin street scene, photo of dog & owner at shop
  Street scene in Dublin's Temple Bar area. His Masters Voice?.
O'Connell Street bridge looking towards Westmoreland Street
An airborne urchin flees from an approaching policeman.
The picture location is the corner of Eden Quay & O'Connell St. Dublin city center, facing Westmoreland Street. The old Ballast Office building is to the right.
Dublin street scene, Hackney cabs on Stephen's Green
Taking a break, horse-drawn hackney cabs parked beside Stephen's Green Dublin Ireland.

Westmoreland street view from O'Connell Bridge, Dublin Ireland
Westmoreland Street viewed from O'Connell Bridge.
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