Dublin city : Irish famine family emigrant sculptures

The emigrant sculptures are in memory of native Irish citizens forced into emigration during the Great Famine years. Between 1845 and 1852 over a million souls left Ireland to escape starvation folowing the failure of potato crops in 1845/1846. At that time the population of Ireland was c8 million & almost half depended on the potato crop for their food supply. The departure point with their meagre possessions was the nearby Dublin Docks, from where steam boats departed to Liverpool. From there many travelled to the New World - Canada or Ellis Island New York to seek a new beginning.
Photographs of Irish famine emigrant family sculptures, located beside Customs House, Dublin city center.
Irish famine emigrant sculptures Dublin Ireland 1840's Irish famine emigrants sculptures beside Customs House, Dublin
Irish famine emigrant statues photos © Brendan Doyle.
Irish famine family statues, Dublin city Ireland
Irish famine emigrant sculptures, Dublin.

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